The computer program SWAP 4

SWAP 4 is free software. When you proceed to the download-page you will have to register before you can download the program. Your registration will only be used to maintain an overview of model use.

==> Download SWAP 4.0.1 (installation package file of 17.6 Mb)

After registration and installation (unzip file you should have folders:

For more info see the file 'readme_4.0.txt' which comes with the installation set.

The program is supplied without Graphical User Interface. We try to give support to users, but have limited financial sources.

Please contact us (SWAP-team) if you have any suggestions.

An overview of difference betweeen SWAP 4.0.1 and the previous internet-release SWAP 3.2.36 can be found here

Manuals of SWAP 4 can also be found under References.


This new version of the model SWAP was made possible with financial support from 2 projects:

1. The Watervision project, a Dutch project with a large group of financers: STOWA (Applied Research of the Water Boards), Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, ACSG (Advisory Commission for Damage related to Groundwater), provinces Utrecht and Zuid-Holland, ZON (Zoetwatervoorziening Oost- Nederland), Water companies Vitens and Brabant Water, VEWIN, LTO and the Ministry of Economic Affairs (project KB-14-001-046). The Waterwise project supported extensive testing and documenting of the soil hydrology and crop growth relations with a focus on The Netherlands (Kroes et al., 2017; see References)
2. The SIGMA-project (EU SIGMA project Stimulating Innovation for Global Monitoring of Agriculture), financed by the EU Research Framework programme (FP7) under grant agreement No 603719. Within the SIGMA project the C and N modules were developed, tested and described, with an international focus (Groenendijk et al., 2017; see References)
Watervision Agriculture ("Waterwijzer Landbouw")
see also WUR WaterwijzerLandbouw
EU SIGMA project